Directions: You will see four passages, each with three blanks. Under each blank are four answer options. choose the word or phrase that best complete statement.


From: Brigthton White, Office Manager

To: All Staff

Re: Conference room use

Please take a moment to      1      these guidelines regarding the use of the conference room.

1.Any staff member may reserve the conference room for a meeting, workshop, or other work-related event. My assistant, Jim Williams, is in charge of the conference room schedule. Please contact him to reserve a time to use the room. To ensure that you get the time slot you want, we suggest doing this least one week      2     .

2. Jim can also help you with computers, projectors, and any other equipment you may need while using the conference room. Please let him know what equipment you will need at the time you reserve the room.

3. The conference room is used by many groups of people throughout the week. Please be considerate of others and straighten      3      the room when you have finished using it.

Make sure to place all chairs around the table, wipe the whiteboard clean, and return any equipment to the storage closet.
From: Schultz Sarah []

To: Lawrence Lee []Sent: 10 July 20xx- 11:50

Subject: Lunch arrangements

I will be having a business lunch with Ms. Yue and Mr. Biao tomorrow. Please call me the Fountainhead Restaurant and make reservations for three.      1      a table near the fountain.

Anytime between noon and two is fine.

     2      you have made the arrangements, please call Ms. Yue and Mr. Biao and let them know the time and place. Also, remind them to bring their copies of the annual  report, as I plan to go over it with them during lunch.

I'll be back from my trip late tonight. I'd like you to type up the notes from my trip tomorrow morning, if possible. My supervisor would like to see them before next week's board meeting, so I want to hand them      3      before the end of the week.

Thanks for everything.



Returned Items Policy

We must receive returned items within 30 days of the date of purchase.

Please make sure that the receipt is included and check that the price tags are still attached.

Items may      1      for cash or store credit.

If the customer      2      the receipt but the price tags are still attached and the item is in good condition, you may offer the customer store credit only. Items that are damaged or dirtied in any way or that have missing price tags cannot be returned.

If you have any questions      3      this policy or if need help processing a return, please contact your supervisor.
Dr. I.M. Jin, world-renowned      1      on international economics, well be reading from his newest book, Money in the New Millennium, at the Central Bookstore on Wednesday, June 14.

Dr. Jin has recently returned from a tour of Asia,      2      he met with leading regional economic experts. After his reading, he will share highlights from his trip and discuss Asia's role in the new world economy.

Money in the new Millennium and others titles by Dr. Jin will be on sale after his talk, and Dr. Jin will be available to sign the books.      3      to this event is free. but early arrival is recommended in order to secure a seat.