Directions: You will see four passages, each with three blanks. Under each blank are four answer options. choose the word or phrase that best complete statement.

How to Send a Fax      1      the Airport

This fax machine is provided for the convenience of airport passengers.

To send a fax, follow these simple instructions:
  1. Lift the telephone. Enter "2" on the keypad.
  2. Insert your credit card. You      2      $5 for the first page on domestic faxes, and $10 for the first page inter national faxes. Each additional page costs $1 extra.
  3. Place your      3      in the tray. Press "1" to approve the charge to your credit card.
  4. Listen for the dial tone and enter the fax number.
  5. The paper will pass from the tray into the machine. After the fax is sent, you should receive a "Fax Sent" confirmation message.



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Our regular business clients receive a 5% discount on every order. Our      3      staff is ready to serve you in English, Spanish, Deutsch, and Italian.


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Sent: 19 October 20xx, 10:34

Subject: Technology conference

Are you interested in going to the IFT conference in Taipei in December?      1      topic is technology of the future.

Everyone says this is one of the best technology conferences around. I wanted to go last year, but I      2      fit it into my schedule.

If you want to go, then we should talk to our      3      soon.

I want to be sure that we can get permission to go.

I haven't heard anymore else talk about it, so we have a food chance of getting approval.

Reply Soon!



Sent: 18 October 20xx, 9:20

Subject: Office supplies


Office Express is having a big sale this week. We might as well take advantage and      1      some money. They're selling printer paper at 50% off, so please pick up several boxes.

Also, get some printer ink cartridges because they're on sale, too. I've noticed that we're running      2      paper for the photocopier.

Last I checked there was just one packed left, so get some of that, whatever the price. Also, our coffeemaker doesn't seem to be working well, and I think we should replace      3      soon.

If you see one at good price, get it. Have them charge everything to our account.

Go today if you can, because you know how fast the sell out of things when there's a sale.