Directions: You will see four passages, each with three blanks. Under each blank are four answer options. choose the word or phrase that best complete statement.


To: All staff

From: D.Rivera

Re: Office Dress Code

It has come to our attention that a number of staff members have been coming to work in inappropriate      1     . Please be reminded that this is a place of business and that staff members are expected to dress accordingly. This means that casual clothing such as shorts, T-shirts, sandals, and sneakers should not      2      in the office. This is of particular importance when meeting with clients. Remember that each one of you represents the company and needs to keep in mind the impression that you give to clients and potential clients.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please let      3      know.

I will be happy to clarify any issues for you and listen to yours concerns.

Thank you for your cooperation.
As we age, it becomes more and more important to get regular exercise. At the same time, our work lives may become more and more      1     .

How can a busy professional find time for exercise in an already overscheduled life? the answer is to exercise a little bit at time over the course of the day. It all ads up, and you may find that by the end  of the day you have gotten thirty minutes of exercise or more just by finding small opportunities here and there. The possibilities are endless. For example,      2      you park you car farther away from your office than your normally do, you can get several minutes of walking time in, both on the way to and from the office. If you work in a tall building, skip the elevator and take the stairs, at least for part of the way.      3      stairs provides good aerobic exercise. There are many more possibilities.

How many can you think of?


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We are looking for talented professionals with a wide variety of skills. We are also looking for college students and recent college graduates to fill a number of internship positions. We we;come your      2     . Please review the list of job openings below, or submit your résumé along with a letter of interest to We will contact you when we      3      an opening that matches your skills and background.
To: Na Ra Kim

From: Lee Jin Ho

Sent: 20 June 20xx, 15:45


Hello, Ms. Kim,

I am working on the logistics for next week's workshop, and I need some help with planning the lunch. I've looked over the budget, and it appears that we don't have a great deal of money to spend for this. I am having a hard time finding a good      1      service that doesn't charge too much. Can you suggest one that can serve a decent meal at a  decent price? I also need your suggestions for a place to serve the lunch. Mr. Song suggested one of the conference rooms, but      2      all seem too small to me.

Do you think we could use the cafeteria? I would really      3      your ideas and suggestions.


Thank you very much.

Lee Jin Ho