Directions: You will see four passages, each with three blanks. Under each blank are four answer options. choose the word or phrase that best complete statement.


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Your Paycheck

Checks      1      on a biweekly basis by department heads. Arrangements can be made with the According Department to have checks mailed to the employee's home address instead, if desired. Each employee should review the check stub carefully.      2      contains a breakdown of all deductions, including state and local taxes,retirement fund contributions, and insurance payments. Any inaccuracies should be reported to the Accounting Department as soon as possible. Every effort will be made to correct any errors in a timely manner. The Human Resources Department conducts monthly workshops that explain in detail how each paycheck deduction is calculated. Anyone interested in      3      a workshop should contact the Human Resource Department.

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To: All office staff

From: Micheal Johnson

Re: Employee Appreciation Banquet

Date: May 20, 20xx

It's time to start planning for the      1      Employee Appreciation Banquet. I know you all look forward to this every spring. As you know, the winter of the Employee of the year award is chosen by the staff. Please get your nominations to me before the end of this month. The winner will be announce on the night of the banquet.

I have receive your comments and complains and have been looking into a new      2      for this year's banquet. We are hoping to hold it at the Hamilton Hotel. The rooms there are large, and the hotel is conveniently accessible by public transportation.

I have also paid attention to your comments about the food and will work with the hotel chef to develop a menu that provides a variety of choices. Please      3      me know if you have any further suggestions regarding this year's banquet.

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Dear Customer,

Your Quimby Bank Certificate of Deposit (CD) number 0033589304 will mature on June 15 with value of $6,099.86. If you      1      no action, your CD will automatically renew for another six months and will earn the interest rate in effect on June 15. The following reinvestment options are also available to you.

1. An Authorization to Renew Form is       2      with this letter. If you wish to add funds to your CD, simply complete and return the form to us no later than five business days before maturity date.

2. Quimby Bank Investment advisers are available to discuss your financial situation with you.      3      can help you understand how a CD and other investment options can fit in with your overall financial plan. Call the Qiumby Bank Customer Service Office to set up an appointment.

Thank you for banking with Quimby.


Rebecca Higgins

Vice President

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City Bus Lines

Notice of Fare Increases and Schedule Changes

Fare Increases

As of May 31 there will be a 25% increase in all bus fares on the city Bus Lines. The normal fare will go up to $2.50 during regular hours and $3.50 during rush hour. Senior citizens possessing  a valid City Bus Line Senior Citizen Identification Card will be      1      $1.25 to ride the bus during regular hours and $2.00 during rush hour.

Schedule ChangesThe number 42 bus, which      2      leaves the train station every half hour, will leave the train station every 45 minutes as of May 31.

The numbers 56 bus, serving the Greensville neighborhood, will no longer run as of May 31.

Any questions or concerns      3      these changes should be directed to the City Bus Lines Office of Republic Relations.

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