Direction : You will see a sentence with a missing word. Four possible answer follow the sentence. Choose the best  answer to the question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet.

1. The status report            the financial projections were both late.
2. No matter how good its business plan, a firm will not            if its employees are unhappy.
3. the director wanted me to let her know how many people showed            for the workshop.
4. If there            some restaurants near the hotel, we would not have to spend time and money on taxis.
5. The mid America Airlines flight            Phoenix will be arriving at Gate 9 in five minutes.
6. Every morning, a member of the kitchen staff turns on the ovens and            the coffee.
7. People in the audience began to fidget around and feel restless because the speech was so            .
8. The committee members agreed that the next year's convention should take place            a larger city. such as Toronto.
9.            we were late, we could not enter the conference hall.
10. If the traffic report sounds bad this afternoon, then            the subway instead of a cab.
11. There is not much agriculture in this area because the            yearly rainfall is so low.
12. Please use the parking spaces that            for visitors.
13. Participants            fly to the convention can get a group rate.
14. The year-end office party is for the enjoyment of the entire staff, and no one will be            from the invitation.
15. We            any problems with building maintenance until they hired the new building manager.
16. You will find all the supplies you need            the hallway cabinet next to the copier.
17. Ms. Kim is a knowledgeable and            engineer and she has contributed a great deal to the work of this company.
18. Ms. Neil            the general manager of the hotel since 2004.
19. We read about Mr. Moriwaki's promotion            the company newsletter.
20. Mr. Ross promised to prepare the earnings and expenses charts            tomorrow's staff meeting.