Direction : You will see a sentence with a missing word. Four possible answer follow the sentence. Choose the best  answer to the question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet.

1. The price of all cruises            airfare and all transfers.
2. Mr. Brett missed the plane            he was working late.
3. Many customers have requested that we            them advance notice of our sales by e-mail.
4. The workers were loading the truck when the boxes            .
5. The new manager,            was just hired, will start tomorrow.
6. We            our business if we hadn't been able to get that loan from the bank.
7. Our            are tying to hire our best employees.
8. We expect this workshop to be well attended. so we should hold it in the            room available.
9. The purser got his assistant            the passenger orientation.
10. All travel arrangements must be completed            December 5.
11. The bookcase is            the door.
12.            his enthusiasm, Mr. Mosley is having a hard time keeping up with the rest of the team.
13. We may have to consider            some of our stores unless sales improve very soon.
14. I suggest leaving earlier in the afternoon because            5:00, the subways and buses become very crowded.
15. The airport was            Mr. Debionne had expected.
16. The best chefs            recipes to suit their own cooking styles as well as the tastes of their customers.
17. The personnel director screened the job applicants            arranging interviews.
18. My boss asked me to write a            report of our trip without omitting any details.
19. Ms. Nyen was very embarrassed because the microphone            while she was giving her speech.
20. The clerk            the manual from the secretary to see if she could figure out how to fix the problem herself.