Direction : You will see a sentence with a missing word. Four possible answer follow the sentence. Choose the best  answer to the question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet.

Almost everybody who            the association's conference last year agreed that it was very worthwhile.
Unfortunately, we were not able to meet our deadline            our computer malfunctioned at the last minute.
You should turn           your time sheet by 3:00 every Friday in order to be paid the following week.
Computer software is a            market.
We will not send the payment           the invoice is corrected.
Because of its convenient location and low prices, most of the employees            in the company cafeteria.
Salespeople            attract new clients receive a bonus.
The new instructions are            the old ones.
Mr. Meisei            to leave for work by 7:00 A.M. in order to beat the early morning traffic.
The ticket holders, may be            about the change in date.
Our company recently changed quarters and our main offices are now located            the Jamieson building.
Our service technicians receive            training available.
Your room ha been reserved           two nights.
The price of the equipment is low,            the maintenance costs can be high.
The conference            was scheduled for next week has been postponed.
Mr. Lee's assistant            his mail while he was away.
The reception clerk            on the telephone when the phone went dead.
The subway is often crowded, but it is            way to get downtown at this time of day.
The latest version of the software            with your new computer.
The hotel offers guests a continental breakfast in the lobby            a full breakfast in the restaurant.