Direction : You will see a sentence with a missing word. Four possible answer follow the sentence. Choose the best  answer to the question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet.

1. You'll find our offices conveniently located in the heart of downtown            152 North Main Street.
2. We are concerned           the high rate of absenteeism among our employees.
3. After many delays, we have finally scheduled the new building dedication to take place            June 30.
4. The rent on this office is            than the rent we have been paying at our old place.
5.            we were careful with expenses, we still went over our budget this year.
6. She delayed            the contract until she had a chance to speak with her attorney.
7. The woman            rents this office uses it only a few days a month.
8. If your passport is no longer           , then you should use some other form of identification.
9. If you would like a more thorough understanding of the issue, you can read the article John            about it in last month's newsletter.
10.             your supervisor if you plan to be away from the office for any length of time during the day.
11. Mr. Carlo was very upset when he learned that he had been passed            for the promotion.
12. We have spent too much money and will have to            for the rest of the year.
13. Time is short and we will have to work very hard to            our goals by the end of the year.
14. You can have your paycheck mailed to you,            you can have your salary deposited directly into your bank account.
15. This building,            was built more than 100 years ago, is scheduled for demolition next month.
16. If we            your application by tomorrow, you will still be eligible for the job.
17. We            in the elevator when the electricity went out, and we were stuck there for almost an hour.
18. You must           every item on the form or your application will not be considered.
19. We feel            about coming to an agreement on the issue soon.
20.            in today's business world is difficult, and many new business fail.