Direction : You will see a sentence with a missing word. Four possible answer follow the sentence. Choose the best  answer to the question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet.

1. When Ms. Song gets here, we            the meeting
2. Don't forget to sign the application form            you submit it.
3. The final report should be sent            the company's main office before the end of the month.
4. All employees            to attend next Friday's staff meeting.
5. We            each staff member to do his or her part to get this project completed on time.
6. You            answer all questions on the form or your request will not be considered.
7. Mr. Lutz is            to take on such a big responsibility because he doesn't feel prepared for it at this time.
8. The current           of this office plans to leave before the end of the month.
9. We are looking for ways to reduce expenses            our financial situation is not good.
10. The best way to            people to buy our product is to offer it at a lower price.
11. The director says that she            to hire several new staff members next year.
12. Mr. Chan            in charge of operations since the beginning of last year.
13. Replacement cartridges for the printer can be found            the top shelf of the supply closet.
14. if you wish to attend the annual conference, you have to sign            in advance.
15. Requests for extra time off should to your department head at least two weeks ahead of time.
16. Following a lengthy discussion, the board of directors finally agreed            Ms. Silva's contract for another year.
17. It is important to dress            when going on a job interview.
18. Ms. Toth slipped and fell            she was walking on the icy sidewalk in front of the building.
19. We prohibit            in any part of the building or grounds.
20. All packages, bags, and bundles will be            by a security office before leaving the building.